Where has America Come To?

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Wednesday October 10th, 2018 in Briefings, Prophetic Intelligence Briefings

By Pr. Hal Mayer

I rarely write my own articles. I point to those written by others to show that prophecy is being fulfilled in our time. But today, I decided to write my own.

The political fight over the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court has many wondering if America has changed forever. America’s extreme political polarization has pushed it from the rule of law toward the rule of the mob. That, in itself, has prophetic implications. But I have a much larger question.

The “knock-down-drag-out” in the U.S. Congress, in elevators and staircases, and on the streets runs even more deeply prophetic when you think about what has happened to the Democratic Party. They may have proverbially “shot themselves in the foot.” Perhaps no better gift could have been given to conservative Republicans than the self-destructive brawl staged by the Democrats. Nothing could have galvanized and motivated the conservative right quite so effectively than the over-the-top and desperate Democratic attempt to discredit Kavanaugh and prevent his confirmation. Conservatives are now poised to vote en masse. While the outcome of the mid-term election is still future, these events have some of us wondering if the whole despicable mess has much deeper prophetic implications.

While religious conservatives appreciate many of the things that a conservative government does, our enemy has strategically positioned the conservative right to do his will too, only from the opposite side of the political aisle. And they are so blinded by their religious fervor and their prophetic and theological errors that they cannot see where they are headed. The political support generated for the right by the left’s behavior is likely to throw America even more to the extreme right than ever before in American history! This has serious prophetic consequences. Remember, it is a law of nature, that every action requires and equal and opposite reaction.

In order for strong religious passion to sway the government to enact a Sunday law in America, there has to be a uniting of church and state. This is going on rapidly, at the moment, in a reaction to the extreme leftward direction of the Obama administration. And now the religious right strongly influences the Trump administration. And it is getting stronger.

The rising strength of the religious right has been supported by a lot of angry conservatives whose often, dogmatic voices suggest an underlying forcefulness that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals once they have the power, even if it includes some wrong outcomes.

Christian Right leaders, like Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress, some of Mr. Trump’s closest advisors have not only developed the conservative momentum, but they have consolidated their political machine almost completely outside of, and without the help of, the mainstream media, or the political establishment. They have found alternative ways to influence their base than with traditional methods. Anyone who wants to understand that should read the book The Day Christians Changed America, by George Barna.

No wonder the left is desperately trying to prevent the rise of more conservative power in America. No wonder they fought a desperate battle to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. And don’t expect that Judge Kavanaugh will have sympathy for the Democrats in his future voting decisions on the nation’s high court.

All three branches of government these days are threatening the left’s ideological system, especially the courts. And Mr. Trump’s conservative nominations for all federal courts has them running scared. You can tell by their behavior. Their frantic efforts to “save the left” will, by popular consent, push the unity of church and state even more deeply and will powerfully drive America even further to the right. And the Democrats have themselves to blame for the reaction. All we need now is a bit of violence that can be blamed on the Democratic reaction and America could become cemented in a religious takeover that will lead straight into the final prophetic events described in Revelation 13. It does not have to be a legal unity between church and state. It can be a defacto unity that will lead to the inevitable Sunday law, just what the papacy has been working toward for decades.

I have already asked a question of some of my friends even before the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. As I have watched the current backlash to the liberalism that has increasingly driven American law and jurisprudence for the past 50 years, I am wondering if we will ever see a return to a liberal government. It is possible, of course, but prophecy suggests something else.

To achieve a Sunday law, there would likely have to be long-term political control of all the branches of the U.S. government, executive, legislative and judicial. Here is my question. Have the angels who control political affairs on earth been given permission to let the religious right permanently rise to power in America? And how long will it be before the right starts calling for a Sunday worship law in the name of getting the liberals some religion and getting America back to God? Some on the religious right will attempt to cram religion down their throats. And it will be a hard-fisted fight. But the outcome is clear. In order for the U.S. Government to remove some religious freedoms (namely worship freedoms), it has to give much more power to religious conservatives.

As natural disasters become more intense and frequent, especially on the liberal coastal cities of America, watch for more calls to get America back to God, and a more determined and controlling religiously manipulated government. And let me remind my readers that taking political sides is dangerous. We have a much higher responsibility to explain the three angels message to lost and confused people.


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“And he [the United States] exerciseth all the power of the first beast [the persecuting power of the papacy] before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. Revelation 13:12

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