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  1. Michelle Deviera says:

    hello are you under the sda organization? cause I have a problem with Individual atoms spoken of by Ellen White in Last day events under God’s last day church pg.46.


    • Hello Michelle yes I’ am a SDA and yes I believe in the writings of EGW . I believe they are inspired by God. As I see in the Word and SOP. With the movements of the Papacy, the disasters and wars, violence and more are clearly seen. May I ask you are u a SDA yourself or a former SDA.


    • Mary says:

      I looked up the page that you gave and If you are speaking of the TM p26 quote it is there but not all of it and no reference is given as to where that quote is from. TM is a compilation and not a book that Mrs White wrote. So without a reference to where that came from there is a question to whether it is Mrs White or something that has been added in by someone else and that has been done many times in many places.

      If you are talking about the 1T p270 that is not in the original Testimony #7. I have both the churches testimony books and the originals 1-30 Testimonies. I found the reference to the statement before and after the Organization statement but no Organization statement anywhere in that book.

      We find when reading Mrs. Whites Testimony books that by 1900 the organization was said to be out of God’s will and should be gotten rid of and a new group under the will of God brought up. Today the SDA church works much like the catholic church and the people in charge think more like the priests of Jesus time than the disciples and the plan that Christ set up by them. God is our leader and all that is done is to be in accordance with God and His plan. We all need to follow God’s plan and if we find that the group that we meet with are not doing that then our elegance is to God and not an organization. We are saved by Jesus and not by man or his organizations.

      Once the Jews were given God’s plan and orders but they liked their own way and lost God’s favor. I think that once the early people that became SDA’s were also blessed by God’s and given His plan and orders. I came to this message 55 years ago and what I learned in the church then is no where to be found today in the church. So what am I to do? Follow the organization or God.? It broke my heart but God has to be first and so I left the organization but never the message. Infact I have learned more since leaving the church than I learned in the church. There are a lot of us out here that love the message and draw encouragement from each other to stay true to God. We are all called out of confusion and false teachings. One day that will be the remnant the will come out of all the churches which includes the SDA church as it has joined the world and forgot the truth that has been given to us from God


    • Mary says:

      I looked up that statement in the Original Testimonies to the church. In Last day Events page 46 you are given a reference of T1 p. 270 and if you go to the front of that book it leads you to OT7 Pages 25 -26. If you have the original T7 (OT7) you will find a lot more there but you will not find what is in LDE or T1. So where did the statement in those two books come from? And no I longer go to the organized churches. I do worship with other people that believe in both the bible and SP as it was first written by Mrs. White.


  2. Steven Andre Welch says:

    I’m a Seventh-day Adventist Minister, and before I share this information with anyone, I would like to confirm the validity of the resources referring to the current report regarding the Sunday Blue Law.


  3. Scott says:

    Please contact me regarding an error on your website.


  4. Mary says:

    The message by Mary that is up above is mine. I have both the original books and the ones that the SDA church produces now. Recently you (the organization) rewrote the GC again and took out all the references to the Catholic church. I was taught that Mrs. White was a prophet and that is one of the things that set the SDA church apart from the other churches. All the books have been altered that Mrs White wrote. Why? It is a lot more than grammar and spelling. A prophet gives what God tells them to say and write. My bible says that God never changes and there is no shadow of turning in Him. The bible says to the Law and the Testimony, if they speak not according to these things then there is no light in them. So just who is qualified to change the messages that God has sent? I can not think of one person that is qualified to do that. You say that you are a minister and I would assume that you went to one of the SDA schools for that qualification. Have you learned that the books have been changed and that there are inconsistency in the SP books because of that? Other peoples writings have been added and that is why a claim of plagiarism is put to her writings. Most people don’t even read the SP anymore and haven’t for a long time. Others use the SP like a club over people and have little knowledge of the bible. Most have very little knowledge of what it means to be a SDA these days and the church is very much like a club that gets together for a couple of hours and go to a pot luck. Try to stand up for the bible and the SP and see what happens. It breaks my heart to see what has happened to the church that meant every thing to me. The bible says to come out of Babylon more than once. Before you go off the deep end and get all upset that I am using the word Babylon just know that the word means confusion. You would have put on blinders not to see that the churches are in a state of confusion now and that includes the SDA church. Even the minister don’t agree with each other in the SDA church. Jesus prayed that we come into one accord. He meant with God not the world.


    • Answer: The Bible testing points for a true prophet are as follows:

      A. Live a godly life (Matthew 7:15-20).

      B. Be called to service by God (Isaiah 6:1-10; Jeremiah 1:5-10; Amos 7:14, 15).

      C. Speak and write in harmony with the Bible (Isaiah 8:19, 20).

      D. Predict events that will come true (Deuteronomy 18:20-22).

      E. Will have visions (Numbers 12:6
      God’s end-time church began to form in the early 1840s and desperately needed guidance. So, in harmony with His promise of Amos 3:7, God then called a young woman named Ellen Harmon to be His prophetess. Ellen accepted the call. She had been injured in an accident at age nine and had to quit school with only three years of formal education. Her health deteriorated until, when called by God at age 17, she weighed only 70 pounds and had been given up to die.


    • i don’t use the great hope and what are the original testimonies you say you have


    • The church is not Babylon my friend it seems that you have been hurt by the church and I pray that God will help you have to stop assuming things about me you don’t know me and you are already quickly judging because I’m a SDA Christians remember God has a remnant that has not bow down to Baal. My question who then is gods true church if it is not us then who is the church in rev. 12 speaks about.


  5. Ellen accepted God’s call with the understanding that He would enable her physically and keep her humble. She lived an additional 70 years and died at age 87. She insisted that her aim and work were to point the church and its members to the Bible, which was to be its creed, and to Jesus’ free gift of righteousness. Ellen fulfilled every test of a prophet mentioned in this Study Guide.

    Her Pen Name and Books
    Ellen married James White, a clergyman, and wrote under the name Ellen G. White. She became one of the world’s most prolific woman writers. Her books, read worldwide, give inspired counsel on health, education, temperance, the Christian home, parenting, publishing and writing, assisting the needy, stewardship, evangelism, Christian living, and more.

    Her book Education is considered an authority in its field. It has been used by a secular university as a textbook. It is so perceptive and relevant that it was once plagiarized by the minister of education of a certain nation, who published it under his own name. Dr. Florence Stratemeyer, a former professor of education at Columbia University, said the book contained “advanced educational concepts” and “was more than fifty years ahead of its time.” Dr. Clive McCay, former professor of nutrition at Cornell University, said of her writings on health: “In spite of the fact that the works of Mrs. White were written long before the advent of modern scientific nutrition, no better overall guide is available today.” Newscaster Paul Harvey said she “wrote with such profound understanding on the subject of nutrition that all but two of the many principles she espoused have been scientifically established.”

    Her book The Desire of Ages, on the life of Christ, has been labeled an “English masterpiece” by Stationers Hall in London. It is heartwarming and uplifting beyond description. She said on the subject of intelligence that a person’s IQ could be increased long before experts agreed. She said in 1905 that cancer is a germ (or virus), which medical science began to endorse only in the 1950s. Ellen G. White is said to be the fourth-most-translated writer of all time. Her book on Christian living, Steps to Christ, has been translated into more than 150 languages and dialects.


  6. Mrs. White didn’t really write the Desire of Ages. If you go to T5 you will find that Marian Davis and another person put that book together. Marian Davis used notes that she had pulled together from Mrs. White’s papers and also from other writers. It is when the claim that Mrs. White plagiarized from other authors to put that book together. Ms. Davis said that that was necessary because Mrs. White did not have a clear understand of Christ and the timing of His work. Many pages can be read word for word from other writers.


    • You will have to show me the evidence of your claim


    • I understand what you mean but that doesn’t make a excuse for separating yourself from the body. Yes things in God’s church are terrible but God says the wheat and the tares must grow together until the harvest. Leaving as you call the organization doesn’t make it better. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching Hebrews 10:23-25. Even-though it may seem that God’s church is falling God will raise it back up as for us we must ENDURE and work with the ones who are disobedient. I read about Marian Davis that was interesting 🙂 here is something that I read Since it is clear that Mrs. White did at times permit, and even seek, help which resulted in the changing of some of her words, a question might be raised about her statement, “The words of someone else would not rightly represent me” (See Exhibit 79). This comment, it should be noted, was made with reference to one of her copyists in particular and did not include the technical improvements which all of her copyists were supposed to make. It should be emphasized though that Ellen White’s copyists and editors did not contribute to the actual writing of her books. Marian Davis made note of this fact when, in response to the publisher’s appeal for immediate completion of The Desire of Ages manuscript, she wrote W. C. White, “There is one thing. . . that not even the most competent editor could do–that is to prepare the manuscript before it is written” [i.e., Marian Davis could not do her editorial work until Ellen White had written the manuscript] (See Exhibit 69). Now this is what I disagree what you said “Ms. Davis said that that was necessary because Mrs. White did not have a clear understand of Christ and the timing of His work. Many pages can be read word for word from other writers.” Well she did understand Christ. This is what I read Even though she was inspired in the fullest sense, Ellen White did not always use perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, or sentence and paragraph construction in her writing. She felt this shortcoming strongly throughout her entire life. In 1873, she lamented, “My heart is inexpressibly sad. . . . I am not a scholar. . . . I am not a grammarian” (Entries for January 10and 11, 1873, pp. 10-11). (1) Twenty years later she again mourned over her inadequacy when she declared, “I lay down my pen and say, Oh Lord, I am finite, I am weak and simple and ignorant. Thy grand and holy revelations I can never find language to express” (See Exhibit 63).

      Feeling as she did, it is quite understandable that Ellen White should seek skilled literary help in the preparation of her manuscripts for publication. When working on the Spiritual Gifts series, from 1858 to 1864, she was assisted by her husband who was a qualified schoolteacher. (See Selected Messages, Book I, p. 50). In the 1890’s, when The Desire of Ages was finally taking shape, her major editorial assistant was Marian Davis.

      Marian Davis was one of those special people to whom Ellen White looked for more than routine copying and editing. Marian was authorized to drop out needless words (See Exhibit 67) or at times to change words when necessary(See Exhibit 37). She helped Mrs. White plan a good number of her books, from the first chapter to the last (p. 39, par. 1).

      Marian was Ellen White’s “bookmaker” (p. 41, par. 1). She gleaned material, even isolated sentences (p. 28, par. 6; p. 39, par. 1; p. 30, par. 4), on the life of Christ from Ellen White’s diaries, letters, and articles (p. 44, par. 3; p. 29, par. 0), which she pasted in scrapbooks. She drew material forThe Desire of Ages from these scrapbooks, the bound E. G. White books, and some longer manuscripts (p. 24, par. 4).

      In organizing the material into chapters, Marian noted areas on which she had nothing from Ellen White’s pen. Apparently the two women had such a close working relationship that Marian felt free to make suggestions to Mrs. White as to what she thought might be lacking from the book. Some of these suggestions Ellen White accepted, but others she rejected. For example, while Marian’s advice regarding “the rock, when the water flowed,” was accepted for an earlier book (p. 21, par. 1), her recommendation concerning “the building a tower” and “the war of kings” was rejected. Ellen White declared she would not write on these topics unless “the Lord’s Spirit seems to lead

      Page 4

      me” (p. 25, par. 3). (3)

      Marian also made suggestions to Ellen White with reference to Christ’s struggle when tempted to use His divine power (p. 26, par. 5), and the parables of the pearl and the net (p. 23, par. 6). While Ellen White no doubt appreciated these suggestions, it was clearly she herself, and not Marian, who decided what topics she would write on.

      Not only did Ellen White do the initial writing, she also took full responsibility for every word which eventually appeared in her books. She explained to her sister Mary, “I read over all that is copied, to see that everything is as it should be. I read all the book manuscript before it is sent to the printer” (p. 44, par. 2). This clearly was her routine method of working. Marian Davis once remarked to Ellen White, “Of course, nothing will go that you do not approve” (p. 30, par. 2).

      So she understood the life of Christ it was just hard for her to write on paper she even discussed with Marian Davis some topics to put in the book.


      • In 1892, as Ellen White once again commenced her writing on the life of Christ, she spoke of “the things which burn in my soul in reference to the mission of Christ.” “I know not,” she wrote, “how to present subjects in the living power in which they stand before me” (p. 23, par. 4,5).

        A year later she asserted that in writing on Christ’s life she was tracing words which would communicate to others “the light which the Lord has been pleased in His great mercy and love to give me” (p. 25, par. 2). Some time later, after mentioning several of her books, including The Desire of Ages, she declared, “In my books, the truth is stated, barricaded by a ‘Thus saith the Lord.’ The Holy Spirit traced these truths upon my heart and mind as indelibly as the law was traced by the finger of God, upon the tables of stone” (p. 44, par. 7).

        In the writing of The Desire of Ages Ellen White had help–help from her secretaries and help from some other authors. But first and foremost she had the help of the Lord. It was the Spirit of God who directed and controlled her and who was the Guiding Force in the writing of all her messages.

        The Desire of Ages is not just another book on the life of Christ. In marked contrast to other works on Christ’s life, it was written under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. It carries within its pages its own divine


      • You can have faith in the book Desire of Ages. I do not and don’t wish to try and explain why. We are all given freedom of choice and I respect yours with the fact that I also have the same freedom and since it has been given to me by God I will keep it. The one thing that I wish to say about me not being a member of the SDA church anymore. I have never left the message. I know and understand and love it better now than ever before. From my experience with the churches in my area I have been faced with the fact that they have left the message and do not want to be bothered with it in the slightest. I wasn’t a trouble maker or an off shoot. Year after year I was asked to lead out in departments and was told that the messages that I gave had been a real blessing. I give God all the credit for that. My prayer was always that I would be out of the way so that the Holy Spirit could touch any and all that were at church that day. Some times I would have a talk ready only to have a message come out that I had not even thought of. I would be asked by someone how did you know that I needed to hear that today. Of course I didn’t know but thanks be to God that He was able to use me. I didn’t leave on a whim or snap decision. For years I thought that the church would see where they were going and return to the bible and the SP. I drove home many Sabbaths crying as things were done that God said were not to happen and things that should have happened never or hardly ever did. I do not feel that that is where I belong especially on the Sabbath. Those 24 hours are special and in the environment of the church the sacred time was being broken. It is a sad day when going to church has become Sabbath breaking. Jesus is my saviour and I must be true to Him. If that means I have to come out of an organization then that is what I must do.


      • Well I do have faith that DA was inspired by God to give to the prophet to write and it changed my life and others if the book is bad as you say then why are people being changed by it. Its like you disregard this book and accept other writings of EGW that doesn’t make since to me. Its a wonderful book and me and my family read it for family worship. I feel your pain in what is happening in the church and it is terrible like for instance I was just listening to the President of Oakwood college disgust transgenders and I was shocked in what he was saying but God says these things would happen you can’t distanced yourself from the church. God’s people are everywhere, but He has a church, a denominated people. God bless


      • You clearly believe all that the church teaches on this subject. I do not. I have read volumes of things that make what you believe very questionable. Mrs. White said in the early 19 hundreds that she was not authorized to change one word that God had given her. Between what you are saying and what I have read there is a problem. Either Mrs. White is a true prophet of God or else she is a liar and a false prophet as true prophets does not give conflicting messages. So if in reading the original books of Mrs. White I find a different message than in some places in the ones being printed today and many times contradict the original message I can only come to two conclusions. One is that I have been wrong in thinking that Mrs. White is a true prophet. Two is that someone other than Mrs. White has changed her work and are responsible for the conflicts in what is credited to be her writings. I choose to believe that Mrs. White was truly called of God and that her books that she wrote in their original state are to be trusted and are safe to read. I on the other hand do not trust that new books as they are mixed with other ideas add to them and in some cases things that the organization didn’t want known have been taken out. I know that we can not have it both ways. With all the conflicting statements in the new books you would have to discount Mrs. White because she no longer meets the bible requirements for a true prophet. I find the messages that came through her to be a real blessing and it would break my heart to have to give them up. It may be that you have never read the original books or even realized they exist. Sounds like all that I have said has been hard for you to hear but I have spent many years now reading her real books both on my own and with others that read the original books. We are all people that just study together and want to be true to God. No man or woman is leader. Even in small groups at times people go off on some tangent and that is sad. Still the bible says where two or three are gathered in His name there He will be also. We are also told that in the last days we will be meeting in homes and not in large churches. All I can say is read like your very soul depends on it because it really does. May God bless you and lead you to all truth.


      • Because of apostasy, many leave the church, only have home church, only go to independent churches etc. What about those souls that are ignorant of the truth? Don’t they need to wake up?

        Can you reach them by preaching and talking about them publicly from a distance? Can you give them the present truth with a contentious, condemning, unconcerned attitude? Who are we helping by distancing ourselves from those ignorant of the truth? Did Jesus distance himself from apostasy? He came through the Jewish nation line at a time when apostasy was at its peek.

        We need to stop saying the church is not the organization. We cannot dissect God’s church and say what’s included and what’s not, when the organization was put together by God. Jesus said the wheat and tares GROW together. I understand and see a new organization has formed inside of the original organization, but that is a result of the tares GOD allowed to be planted by Satan, to wake us up. We can’t forget, NOTHING is done without the permission of God.

        When we uproot ourselves from the body, present truth has just left the building. I think Jesus would stay until He was kicked out and He would then go to another church and teach and preach.


  7. I believe that Mrs White was a true prophet. I do not believe that what she wrote should be changed. If you believe the bible also you will read that He says that His word is not to be added to or anything taken away. So if you believe that what Mrs. White wrote was from God and not her thinking then who should change what God has sent to the people of today? In my understanding of the bible that would be no one that I know of. Your answer did not even touch upon what I said. Christ is our Saviour and no one or anything else is.


  8. I don’t know you and am not accusing you of anything. I find it very interesting that you are defending a denomination and not God or His word. I read all of Rev. 12 and would guess that it is verse 17 that you are talking about. A remnant is the very last of anything. The remnant here is the seed of the woman who are living by Gods commandments and the testimony of Jesus at the very end of time. Church in the bible means the body of Gods people. It does not mean a denomination that is a mixed multitude. The remnant is His people that come out of all the church organizations at the very end of this worlds history. That mass exodus is coming. As for the use of the word Babylon I would suggest you get out your 1911 GC page 603 the top of the page and read what the testimony of Jesus says. If you have the original 1884 GC go to page 424 last 7 lines on the page. They both say the same thing and please note that it say CHURCH not churches. Where I went to church (SDA) we had a great pastor for a while who was very well read. That congregation couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He said one Sabbath morning that we are like farmers that have bought a field but never bothered to plow it. The books are in the book case but are mostly collecting dust. Mrs White said that if you want to know what she says to read her books carefully. We are not saved as a group we are saved one by one as we leave the world and follow God all the way. In Jesus time they would say that they are Abraham’s children. Today people say they are of this denomination or that one. They all think that they are the right one. God and His Son are the right one. The church didn’t hurt me in how they treated me. I was a teacher and SS superintendent. for years. Went to prayer meeting and campmeeting. I was a member for over 50 years. The church that I joined does not exist any more. Little by little it has joined the world. I came out of the world and have no desire to go back. Seeing that happen has been a great sorrow for me. In my heart I am what God called me out to be. I just don’t have a tie to an organization anymore.


  9. They are the books that Ellen G White wrote. The books that you can buy now in the ABC are the re-written books that have things missing and things added to with word changes that change what was originally written buy Mrs. White. If you go to the front of the new books they tell you that they have been changed but just for grammar and spelling. If you take the time to read you will find that it amounts to a lot more than just grammar and spelling. That’s what the bible means when it says STUDY TO SHOW THY SELF APPROVED A WORKMAN THAT NEEDS NOT TO BE ASHAMED.
    I was in the church for a long time before I knew that the books used today are not the original writings of Mrs. White. Sounds like that you don’t know that now.


  10. Maybe you need to do some reading on your own. Seems down through history that that is how truth is found. That is how I found things. I read and read and re-read and thanks be to God He lead me to others that like to read and know God’s truth. You know it really isn’t mine or anyone else’s till we hide in our heart as a treasure.


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