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New Life With Old Scars

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New Life With Old Scars

Because of your faithfulness, millions more can discover Amazing Facts’ Bible-based websites, programs, and online videos—always pointing them to Jesus. Every day, your generosity and prayers provide lasting hope for people like Chris and many others around the world. Thank you!

Great testimony be blessed and be ecouraged.

Hi, friends! Did you know Pastor Doug Batchelor now has his own YouTube channel? Please stop by today by clicking on the link: And don’t forget to The official YouTube Channel of Pastor Doug Batchelor – President of the international Media Ministry Amazing Facts. For more than 40 years, Amazing Facts has been committed to proclaiming the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 and fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ. Amazing Facts is dedicated to using every means possible to proclaim God’s final message of hope and warning to the world. We encourage you to explore our many eye-opening videos available through YouTube. Each is filled with trustworthy, eye-opening information backed by Scripture — amazing Bible facts that will totally transform the way you think about God.

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Landmarks of Prophecy Archives

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Landmarks of Prophecy

There are a number of landmarks in the Bible that give us points so that we can know where we are in the biblical continuum of history. Be blessed

Many Faces of Rome

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Many claims have been made that the Pope of Rome is the AntiChrist, and that the Roman Catholic Church is an evil system of deception. The people that are making these claims are basing them on the authority of a variety prophetic descriptions found within the Bible. But, is their understanding of the prophecies of the Bible accurate concerning this issue? Because, In view of many recent events associated with the Pope and The Papacy, this understanding of Bible Prophecy has already been thoroughly debunked. Or… has it? Is their something that we might be missing? Let’s find out….. SUPPORT THE FORERUNNER CHRONICLES: