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A revealing film EXPOSING BEYONCE, OBAMA, and others involved in the NEW AGE AGENDA.

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Unlicensed footage is used in accordance with Section 107 of US Copyright Law

If you recently sold your old Android phone, chances are your text messages, emails,

pictures and Facebook key are still in there, even if you wiped its memory ocean.

A new study by computer researchers at the University of Cambridge shows that “factory reset” — at least on Android devices — doesn’t actually erase everything.

Sometimes it doesn’t even come close.

The used smartphone market is huge and about 630 million phones out there are susceptible to this problem, according to the study. Wall Street analysts expect the market will keep blowing up in size until at least 2018.

Researchers tested 21 phones made by Google (GOOGL, Tech30), HTC, LG, Motorola (MSI) and Samsung (SSNLF). In every case, they were able to recover text messages, Google account credentials and conversations on messaging apps. A few emails remained on the device 80% of the time.

Also, the special app “tokens” that let you access your Facebook (FB, Tech30) and other social media accounts remained on the device.

And sometimes, devices don’t properly wipe the special part of your phone that stores all your pictures and videos — at all.

The devices affected by this include the HTC One, HTC Sensation XE, Motorola Razr I, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S Plus and others.

Researchers said the Google Nexus 4 performed the best — but it still had issues.

Each phone had a different set of problems. For example, the HTC One didn’t wipe its internal SD card (where pictures are stored) by erasing it through the phone’s “settings” section, even though that’s what HTC says you should do. Instead, you have to go through the “recovery” section.

Part of the blame lies with Google, which makes the Android software that runs all these phones. But the phone makers are also at fault, because of bad design and terribly slow upgrades and software updates, researchers told CNNMoney.

If you’re determined to sell your old phone, there’s no way to be sure your data is completely gone.

Manually deleting every photo, message and app doesn’t actually work. Hitting “delete” doesn’t really destroy that file on your phone, because flash memory — the type these phones use — is notoriously difficult to erase.

Another approach is to encrypt everything on your phone with a passcode. But then how will you sell your phone?

“This can be desperately complicated,” said Ross Anderson, a Cambridge engineering professor who worked on the study.

Per Thorsheim, a cybersecurity expert in Norway, offered a different, more brutal approach.

“Don’t hand off your old phone. Smash it,” he advised.

Google didn’t respond to questions for this story. The company normally suggests trying a combination of things: remotely wiping the phone as if it were stolen, hitting “factory reset,” and updating to a new version of Android that allows for encryption with a passcode.

But even that’s not 100% reliable, researchers say.

Fortunately, Google does offer an option to protect your Google-related stuff (like Gmail, Drive documents and maps). You can open Gmail, head to the Google dashboard and “revoke” that device’s access to your Google account.

So if the old Android phones hold your data I wonder what the new phones do. Our privacy has been taken away. In the name of security, western governments have taken a greater interest in surveillance of their own citizens. Total surveillance is key to developing the consolidation of power and control. It also blurs the U.S. Constitution’s privacy protections. The inquisition would have loved to have these capabilities. Worldly governments are preparing for the final crisis. They use terrorism as the reason for building their massive systems that will one day be used on another target; those who don’t go along with global religion. See Revelation 13:8. The United States is in the process of repudiating “every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government…” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5 page 451.

The Mark of the Beast.
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A tattooed number, a computer chip under the skin, or something more subtle? It’s one of the most misinterpreted prophecies in all of the Bible – yet it is so important to correctly understand this subject. But in studying the mark of the beast, we must address some very sensitive issues, naming names and being specific. This is not a popular thing today, but we must be firm because God loves Hi…

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TruNew’s Rick Wiles thinks he knows the future of the church—and it doesn’t bode well for true believers.

“There will be a harlot church,” Wiles says, “But the real church will be underground.”

Why? Watch the video to see and see the study lesson below.

17 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. Revelation 17:1-6

The Other Woman
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The Bride of Christ
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The Bible says there is but one body, or church, into which Jesus calls His end-time people – the bride of Christ. To some, this is unnerving, as there are thousands of different churches today that call themselves Christian. Virtually every one claims to be God’s church, yet they each differ widely in biblical interpretation, faith, and practice. It’s quite impossible for the honest seeker of t…

pope vatican bank

It’s been a good year for the Vatican bank as it works to scrub clean the sins of the past.

Stronger income from trading securities including bonds and a fall in operating expenses drove a sharp rise in profits last year.

Net profits hit €69.3 million ($76.1 million) in 2014, up from €2.9 million ($3.1 million) a year earlier, according to the bank’s annual report released Monday. The bank said the improvement was “essentially the result of financial market developments.”

Related: Pope blasts arms trade as industry of death

The bank serves thousands of Catholic charities, religious orders and dioceses around the world. For the past several years, it has been trying to shake off a reputation for murky dealings that date back decades.

It has been hit by a criminal investigation, high-level resignations and international accusations that it wasn’t doing enough to prevent money laundering.

Under new management, the Institute for the Works of Religion — as the bank is formally known — has shed hundreds of customers, dealt with past investment losses and improved transparency.

It currently has around 15,000 mostly institutional clients. More than 4,000 accounts were closed over the past year, 554 for not meeting the bank’s criteria.

In the report, bank president Jean-Baptiste Douville de Franssu said that “significant progress” had been made in adapting to the new regulatory environment, reviewing its interaction with tax authorities, and addressing the “misuse” of the past.

HEADACHE ALERT! Public Schools Are Now Teaching That There Is No Such Thing As Boys And Girls

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This doesn’t just make my brain hurt – this makes my everything hurt.

According to this, schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, are working toward implementing new curriculum in 7-12 grades that will teach students that there is no such thing as boys and girls and that you can be whatever you want to be in the moment because gender is entirely fluid! From the article –

“Students will be provided definitions for sexual orientation terms heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality; and the gender identity term transgender,” the district’s recommendations state. “Emphasis will be placed on recognizing that everyone is experiencing changes and the role of respectful, inclusive language in promoting an environment free of bias and discrimination.”
Eighth graders will be taught that individual identity “occurs over a lifetime and includes the component of sexual orientation and gender identity.”
“Individual identity will also be described as having four parts – biological gender, gender identity (includes transgender), gender role, and sexual orientation (includes heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual).”
The district will also introduce young teenagers to the “concept that sexuality is a broader spectrum.” By tenth grade, they will be taught that one’s sexuality “develops throughout a lifetime.”
“Emphasis will be placed on an understanding that there is a broader, boundless, and fluid spectrum of sexuality that is developed throughout a lifetime,” the document states. “Sexual orientation and gender identity terms will be discussed with focus on appreciation for individual differences.”

So basically, if I wake up one morning and decide that I want to be a dude, despite the fact that my physical characteristics have not changed one bit, that is a perfectly sound theory. Kids as young as twelve are going to be taught this bullcrap.

This goes beyond college kids playing switcheroo with their preferred gender pronouns. At least those are adults who are choosing to do bizarre things with gender fluidity. But you’re teaching this stuff to young kids! In a school setting! Where they are ALL required to learn these things, regardless of if their parents agree or not!

Parents, understandably, are pushing back against this –

“Parents need to protect their kids from this assault,” said Andrea Lafferty, president of Traditional Values Coalition. “Who could imagine that we are in this place today – but we are.”
Last week, the school board voted to include gender identity in the district’s nondiscrimination policy – a decision that was strongly opposed by parents.
Lafferty, who led the opposition to the nondiscrimination policy, warned that the district is moving towards the deconstruction of gender.
“At the end of this is the deconstruction of gender – absolutely,” she told me. “The majority of people pushing (this) are not saying that – but that clearly is the motivation.”

This is just more radical pushing toward this leftist sociological theory that total equality can be achieved, where any and all differences are stifled and we pretend like they don’t exist at all (anyone ever read Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron”? Everyone is totally and completely equal in every way it is possible to be equal. It used to be required reading in middle and high schools, but the way all this total equality crap is getting pushed, it’s probably on the “No Read List” now).

Suuuuuure… that’s not going to confuse kids in the slightest. No male, no female, no nothing. You’re just… a thing that’s sitting there taking up space, looking and acting and thinking like everybody else in a perfect little liberal utopia.

So disgusting.

The Ultimate Deliverance
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It’s no fairytale – one day, you can be free from all the hurt, hunger, aloneness, crime, and chaos infecting the world today. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? But it’s not going to be some charismatic earthly leader who’s going to deliver you… no, He’s much more superior than that! Jesus is coming soon, but there is a lot of popular misconceptions regarding just how He’s coming. So take a few mi…

(article IS FROM Vatican Radio)  The orderly development of “a civil, pluralistic society requires” that the “authentic spirit of  religion” not be “confined” to “personal conscience but that its significant role in the construction of society is recognized,” said Pope Francis in his remarks to the Italian president.

Pope Francis met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Vatican Saturday morning. It was their first meeting since the president’s election on 3 February.

“The Church offers everyone the beauty of the Gospel and its message of salvation and, to carry out its spiritual mission, it needs conditions of peace and calm, which only public authorities can promote,” the pope said, reflecting on the collaborative relationship between the Holy See and the Italian state, as defined by the Lateran Pacts and the Italian Constitution.

“On the other hand, public authorities—who are primarily expected to create the conditions for a  just and sustainable development, so that civil society can develop all its potentialities—can find a valuable and useful support for their action in the commitment and loyal collaboration of the Church,” he said.

Though independent, church and state share “the common responsibility” of meeting people’s “spiritual and physical needs…with humility and dedication,” he said.

The Pope spoke of the impact of Christianity on Italian culture, including art, architecture, customs and family life. He emphasized the need to care for the environment and to develop employment opportunities for Italian youth.

He also expressed gratitude for Italy’s commitment to welcoming numerous migrants who land on the country’s shores and urged Italian authorities to petition the European and international communities for greater commitment to assistance in the area of migration.


(Vatican Radio) The orderly development of “a civil, pluralistic society requires” that the “authentic spirit of religion” not be “confined” to “personal conscience but that its significant role in the construction of society is recognized,” said Pope Francis in his remarks to the Italian president.


“The Constitution of the United States guarantees liberty of conscience. Nothing is dearer or more fundamental. Pope Pius IX, in his Encyclical Letter of August 15, 1854, said: `The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a most pestilential error—a pest, of all others, most to be dreaded in a state.’ The same pope, in his Encyclical Letter of December 8, 1864, anathematized `those who assert the liberty of conscience and of religious worship,’ also ‘all such as maintain that the church may not employ force.’ GREAT CONTROVERSY page 564

Who is the Antichrist?
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Who, or what, is the Antichrist? Evil alliance, or sinister individual? Some say his appearance is still in the future. Others say he appeared long ago in the days of ancient Rome. But the Bible indicates that he is alive today! The Bible prophecies teach this antichrist power will play a crucial role in the final events of earth’s history. Do you know who he is? Are you sure? You need to be, …