Speaking at the International Discussion Club, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the establishment of a new world order. The annual forum, held in Sochi, Russia, brings together experts from dozens of countries to debate the role of Russia in the world.

Putin laid the majority of today’s problems at the feet of the United States, and called for priority to be placed on building a new system of relations that would prevent global and interstate conflicts. He said U.S. policies have led to the collapse of the international security system and that it has abused its role as global hegemon. He said the U.S. was responsible for the series of coups in the Middle East and Ukraine.

The unipolar world order has proven unsustainable and “unstable,” and has been ineffective in countering threats like regional conflicts, terrorism, drug trafficking, religious extremism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism.

Russia is increasingly opposing Washington’s policy in Ukraine and Syria. The Russian president is concerned that a unipolar world, with just one superpower doesn’t take into account Russia’s interests in its policies. He predicted a growing probability of new regional conflicts, like in Ukraine.

Conflict and war are strong arguments in favor of globalization. Putin is aiming to insert Russia into the political mix of the new world order. Without globalization, there can never be universal worship laws. See Revelation 13.

Source Reference
The USA in Bible Prophecy.
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 Lesson #21
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