First Hand Testimonies showing Protestant Christians Being Persecuted in ROMAN CATHOLIC Mexico (November 2014)

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First Hand Testimonies showing Protestant Christians Being Persecuted in ROMAN CATHOLIC Mexico (November 2014)

“Activists and victims are traveling from across the country, including from states like Chiapas, Michoacan and Oaxaca, which have some of the highest numbers of religious freedom violations in the country, to give first-hand testimony of the violations they have witnessed … Witnesses include representatives from the Yashtinin community in Chiapas, who were violently displaced from their homes in 2012 after local authorities arbitrarily imprisoned all the Protestant men and boys, and attempted to force them to renounce their faith … While often overlooked, Mexico continues to have one of the highest rates of religious freedom violations in the Western Hemisphere … In one example of the pervasive impunity which facilitates widespread violations of religious freedom, CSW continues to call for justice for the four Protestant victims of illegal detention and torture in Oaxaca.”

The vast majority of Mexico is inhabited by Roman Catholics. It is a Roman Catholic controlled country and Protestants there are being persecuted. Any surprise? No, because the Roman Catholic Church is guilty of persecuting and killing true Bible believing Christians throughout history – SEE THIS ARTICLE as an example.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS QUOTE FROM JOHN PAUL II … Whoever denies a truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or who calls into doubt, or who totally repudiates the Christian faith [Catholic], and does not retract after having been legitimately warned, is to be punished as a heretic or an apostate with a major excommunication; a cleric moreover can be punished with other penalties, not excluding deposition. In addition to these cases, whoever obstinately rejects a teaching that the Roman Pontiff or the College of Bishops, exercising the authentic Magisterium, have set forth to be held definitively, or who affirms what they have condemned as erroneous, and does not retract after having been legitimately warned, is to be punished with an appropriate penalty.” (John Paul II, Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio, AD TUENDAM FIDEM, 1998 source)

The Roman Catholic Church may ‘seem’ to be working for good and for ‘religious freedom’, but you only need to take a look at history and what is happening in Mexico to see that once she gains control, then religious freedom for TRUE BIBLE BELIEVING Christians is taken away!

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  1. Antonio says:

    I’m Mexican, Carhomic and this is a lie. México is a 100% secular country, actually more secular than the USA, and there is no religious persecution.


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