What Is Purgatory? Inside the Spiritual Realm That’s Neither Heaven Nor Hell

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The vast majority of Americans believe in the existence of heaven and hell (67 percent and 61 percent, respectively), but there’s a third afterlife option that typicallyPhoto credit: Shutterstock gets far less attention: purgatory.

Purgatory is a spiritual realm where souls go when they have not been condemned to hell, yet are still not cleansed of sin enough to enter heaven — a realm in which spirits “endure severe punishment and in the process become cleansed of sin and its ill effects,” according to Patheos.

But Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a Catholic priest, recently wrote that, despite the hardships endured by the faithful as they climb their way through purgatory toward heaven, it is actually a joyful place.

After all, the souls sent there know that they have escaped the pain and suffering of hell, as purgatory isn’t a place where human beings spend eternity. In fact, anyone who passes through will at some point end up in heaven. That said, the journey isn’t an easy one, according to Catholic doctrine.

“The pains in hell are punitive, but purgatory is purgative,” Longenecker wrote. “In other words, the pain is for gain; the struggle is for sanctity. The fire is a purifier.”

He added that All Souls’ Day — which was celebrated this past Sunday — is the time during which Catholic faithful pray for the souls of loved ones who are currently in purgatory.

“When we pray for the ‘repose of the souls’ of our departed loved ones, it sounds like a passive activity. It sounds like we are merely putting them to bed and praying for them to rest in peace,” Longenecker wrote. “However, our prayers for the departed should be understood in a more active way. They are not sleeping. If they are in purgatory, they are still on their journeys.”

Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s inside purgatory and what souls go through as they pass along, though the general idea is that they are being spiritually cleansed and prepared for heaven.

Protestants generally shun purgatory as unbiblical, sweepingly rejecting it during the Reformation 497 years ago and continuing to do so today, as Religion News Service reported.

When it comes to purgatory, the central battle is over whether human beings can truly be holy enough to enter heaven directly after death or whether most souls need to be further refined, spiritually speaking, before joining God for eternity. It’s a fascinating debate with two very different theological sides.


There is no scripture that mentions purgatory, and there is no scripture or any chain of scriptures that really teaches that once a person dies that they can be saved after death by virtue of what people in this life are doing. And the teaching of purgatory, that the priests can pray or someone can make a donation to the church and get someone out of hell really grew up about a thousand years after Christ and it became, quite honestly, it became a scheme for the church to basically capitalize on controlling salvation, or trying to capitalize on the idea that they control salvation.

It comes from the word ‘purge’ and supposedly, you’re not quite good enough for heaven yet, but you’re going to go through a little bit of burning to get any little sin that might be left burned out, or boiled out, and how long you boil might not only depend on how bad you were but how people are praying for you. Well, that is so contrary to the teachings of the Bible. Once you die you take your record with you. People are not rewarded based on how others are praying for them once they die. People take their record with them to their grave that they’ll meet in the resurrection and the judgment, and purgatory is just not found in Scripture. It is really a teaching that came from pagan tradition . Please study the lessons below God bless

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