Half of the American Population is Crammed into just 146 of the 3000+ Counties! (October 2014)

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Half of the American Population is Crammed into just 146 of the 3000+ Counties! (October 2014)

“Using Census data, we’ve figured out that half of the United States population is clustered in just the 146 biggest counties out of over 3000 … Here’s the map, with said counties shaded in. Below the map is the list of all the counties, so you can see if you live in one of them.”

This is another of Satan’s plans – to draw people into living in the big cities and counties, rather than the countryside. This way, he can control them easier and when the mark of the beast is enforced, people will be much easier to track.

China are doing the same – They are actively moving people OUT of the countryside and into the cities!

Friends, the leaders of this world (religious and political) are working in direct OPPOSITION to God’s will. They are trying to unite the world in opposition to God’s call to come out of the world and the false religions and churches. And they are trying to move people into the big cities, in opposition to God’s will for us to live away from the wicked cities and dwell amongst His creation in the countryside.

Now is the time to start moving away from the large towns and cities and live in the countryside.

The USA in Bible Prophecy.
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