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Published on Sep 28, 2014

Q. What is the so-called “war on terror”? Q. Why are ISIS and Russia both jointly seen as a threat to world peace? Why is the Papacy overlooked as a global player? Q. Is the New World Order just military or is it also ideological? Q. Is creation just faith, or is their any evidence to support it? Q. Is Darwinian evolution scientific?

  • ‘EvenAtTheDoors’ YouTube channel have put together a series of documentaries detailing the struggle for world control by the two beasts (Kingdoms) of Revelation 13. This is the latest in a series of videos which reveals what the two beast kingdoms, America and the Papacy have done throughout history and are doing today to gain control of the world and to unite the world on Satan’s side and to ultimately deceive the world into taking the mark of the beast.

    NOTE: Open this video in YouTube and also watch the videos in the playlist titled ‘THE TWO KINGDOMS’ and ‘THE MARK OF THE BEAST’.

    What is the REAL aim of this ‘war on terror’? What is the REAL aim of ISIS and who is behind them? Why is America at the forefront of all these conflicts? And what role does the Papacy play in all of this? Find out in this intriguing video series.

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