Pope calls for full Reconciliation and Communion of Christian Churches – Says the Devil Caused the Division! (October 2014)

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Pope calls for full Reconciliation and Communion of Christian Churches – Says the Devil Caused the Division! (October 2014)

“During her journey through history, the Church is tempted by the devil who tries to divide it, the Pope said, and unfortunately, she has been marred by serious and painful divisions … Are we resigned, or even indifferent to this division? Or do we firmly believe that we can and must walk in the direction of reconciliation and full communion? he asked … These flaws make us intolerant, unable to listen and accept those who have a vision or a position different from ours … Let us go forward towards full unity! History has separated us, be we are on the way to reconciliation and communion! And this is true! And this we must defend! We are all on a journey towards communion.”

Did you know that the Roman Catholic Church suppressed the Bible during the dark ages and KILLED anyone who would not ‘convert’ to Catholicism? Sound like another ‘Religion of terror’ today? Satan used outright force and persecution during the dark ages. But because that didn’t work he is now using another tactic – DECEPTION BY PEACE AND UNITY! Satan led the Papal Church back then and he is still leading it today.

The papacy clearly admits doing so. Much supportive evidence exists. Even conservative historians claim the church probably destroyed at least 50 million people over matters of religious conviction. I will quote here from two sources:

1. “That the Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed among mankind, will be questioned by no Protestant who has a competent knowledge of history. 1

2. In The History of the Inquisition of Spain, D. Ivan Antonio Llorente provides these figures from the Spanish Inquisition alone:

  • 31,912 persons were condemned and perished in the flames.
  • 241,450 persons were condemned to severe penalties.

It was God Himself who caused the ‘division’ during the heavenly inspired Protestant reformation, and it is the devil who is now trying to unite all the churches with Babylon, the MOTHER of harlots.

The REAL Danger is from WITHIN the Professed Church!

Who is the Antichrist?
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