Satan is Readying the World for his Final Spiritual Deceptions!

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Satan is Readying the World for his Final Spiritual Deceptions!

Friends, we are living in perilous times! And I’m not talking about the Spiritual Formationwars and conflicts. I’m not talking about our morally degraded society. I’m not talking about the fact that this world is physically dying right before our eyes. I’m talking about the massive spiritual deceptions that are taking hold of professed people of faith all over the world.

The ‘spiritual formation’ deception is taking hold of churches throughout the world (link). And former Archbishop of Canterbury recently announced his prayer life is helped by Buddhism and Mysticism (link).

Evangelical and Charismatic churches are uniting with the Catholic Church in a push for world unity (link).

Catholics, Jews and Muslims are coming together and uniting ‘for the sake of peace’ (link), and the pope is gaining support from political leaders in America (link).

Both Muslims and Catholics venerate Mary and MILLIONS from both religions see apparitions of her (link and here).

But what does all this mean?

The Roman Catholic Church (Babylon) is at the forefront of these deceptions and we know we are to see ‘signs and wonders’ performed by Satan in the last days to draw the people in. So this recent push for unity between Pentecostals/Charismatics and the Catholic Church is a big step in the right direction for Satan to perform his ‘signs and wonders’ which will captivate the world, thinking that it is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. With the Vatican pointing to Mary at the center of it all. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. Revelation 17:13


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