Canada Cooperates with FATCA · March 20, 2014

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As expected, Canada has signed an information sharing agreement with the United States to comply with the U.S. law known as FATCA. There are many such agreements, but this one involves sharing information about Americans who have bank accounts in

Canada holding over $50,000 and Canadians who have bank accounts in America. In other countries it is less.

Ostensibly, this is about cracking down on tax evasion, but it is really about control of the flow of money. FATCA requires banks everywhere to send information to the United States Internal Revenue Service on Americans or face severe sanctions. Banks everywhere are trying to appease the IRS without being too intrusive.

Knowing where your money is banked is a very important feature of the new world order. If there is ever going to be a no buy, no sell law, as predicted in Revelation 13:17, on those that do not comply with the new world order religion, there has to be global banking control.

In the case of Canada, the banks won’t give the information directly to the IRS, but they will give it to their own Canada Revenue Agency.

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Canada Signs U.S. FATCA Deal, IRS To Get Data


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