Abbott insists that Australian Spying is Legal · November 19, 2013

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott insisted that government authorities have not broken the law in working with the US NSA spy network. Australia is one of the “five eyes” that collaborate and share information with each other.

The revelations of Australian surveillance collaboration with the USA were leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The leak revealed that Australian embassies throughout Asia acted as surveillance collection sites for the U.S. in an operation calledSTATEROOM.

“Every Australian governmental agency, every Australian official at home and abroad, operates in accordance with the law and that’s the assurance I can give people at home and abroad,” said the prime minister.

The embassies involved are in Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Beijing and Dili, Kuala Lumpur and Port Moresby.

Total surveillance is vitally important to a global government and global religion predicted in Revelation 13:8 which says, “All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” For the time being, the system is focused on other aspects of the new world order and on its own maturation.

Abbott offers Australian spy assurance

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