Central Bank of Nigeria to Deploy Biometric Technology Throughout Banking System (November 2013)

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Central Bank of Nigeria to Deploy Biometric Technology Throughout Banking System (November 2013)

“The Central Bank of Nigeria has contracted Dermalog Identification Systems to deploy a biometric technology throughout the country’s banking system … In particular, this project, worth more than $50 million will see the introduction of biometric ARMs, point of sale machines, as well as biometric fraud detection systems.”

Let’s see what we have going on around the world right now. Mastercard are tracking 33 global economies heading for cashless societies (LINK). Israel leaders are pushing for a cashless society (LINK). The UN World Food Program is pushing smart cards and digital payment (LINK). India are implementing a biometric ID system for all it’s citizens (LINK). With Indonesia and Pakistan doing the same (LINK and HERE).

All of this is in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Now many people believe that technology itself will be the mark of the beast, but this is a false teaching to divert the minds of the people away from Click here: the TRUE mark of the beast. Yes, technology will be used and is NEEDED to enforce the mark, ie, to stop those of us who refuse the mark from ‘buying and selling’ (Revelation 13:17). But in of itself it cannot be the mark, as the beast’s mark is all to do with worship and allegiance.

Friends, the systems are being put in place NOW for the enforcement of the mark. Are you ready? Do you have a TRUE daily relationship with Christ Jesus? You will need it when the storm comes! Please heed Christ’s words … ‘BE READY!



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