Fifteen US Cities had over 100 Murders in 2012, Chicago had 500!! (September 2013)

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Fifteen US Cities had over 100 Murders in 2012, Chicago had 500!! (September 2013)

“The FBI has released its CRIME in the United States 2012 report, featuring the official crime stats nationwide for 2012. Chicago led the nation with 500 murders, 81 more than the runner up, New York City, whose population is more than three times larger than the Windy City. Fifteen cities logged more than 100 murders in 2012, with Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Houston leading the pack with more than 200 murders each.”

Jesus said that in the last days the “love of many would wax cold” (Matthew 24). Friends, it’s time to leave the cities, as things are soon to get a LOT worse. Especially when the mark of the beast is enforced. And these are not the kind of places that God wants His children to grow up in.

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