CIA Conducting Weather Modification · August 06, 2013

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Prophetic Intelligence Briefings

The CIA is conducting a 21-month research project to answer the question; can mankind control the world’s weather? The $630,000 study, which collaborates with scientists of the National Academy of Sciences, is working to see if reengineering techniques, “including solar radiation management — or the deposit of particles into the stratosphere to draw sunlight reflections away from Earth” – and the “feasibility of clearing the atmosphere of carbon dioxide.”

The study will be unclassified when it is released. A spokesperson with the NAS said, “There’s nothing nefarious going on here.”

The CIA is involved in weather modification projects for national security purposes. They would, no doubt, like to understand how to protect the nation from weather disasters and to perhaps create weather problems for other nations.

This is not the first time that scientists have tried to figure out how to control or manipulate weather. The ancient people who built the tower of Babel had similar things in mind. They wanted to find out what caused rain that brought on the deluge that destroyed the earth at the time of Noah. No doubt they believed that if they could find the cause, they could also develop weather modification techniques to prevent another flood. The tower they built would also be a way of escape if another flood would come upon the earth. Their experience is recorded as a prophetic notice that scientists will study the clouds today in a similar effort to control weather.

“By carrying the structure to a much greater height than was reached by the waters of the flood, they thought to place themselves beyond all possibility of danger. And as they would be able to ascend to the region of the clouds, they hoped to ascertain the cause of the flood. The whole undertaking was designed to exalt still further the pride of its projectors, and to turn the minds of future generations away from God, and lead them into idolatry.” Patriarchs and Prophets, page 119

CIA studying how to control the world’s weather

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