Yet Another Definition of Marriage · July 12, 2013

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Prophetic Intelligence Briefings

If the confusion over gay marriage, polygamy and even polyamorous marriage isn’t enough… There is yet another alternative definition of marriage. How about a legal marriage to a bridge?

Jodi Rose, an Australian, married a bridge… She claims that she searched for love in all the wrong places, with humans that is, for a decade. She finally chose to marry a 14th century stone bridge – the Pont du Diable – or the Devil’s Bridge – in the south of France. The ceremony was presided over by a “high priestess” (of what, we are not told).

“Strong, stable and silent, he is the ideal husband,” wrote Rose in her blog.

While it doesn’t make sense even to the most radical advocates of alternative marriage, but Rose a conceptual artist, is apparently very happy with her decision. She has been a bridge enthusiast for some time.

A sign of the times? Perhaps. Alternative definitions of marriage are all the rage these days.

As it was in the days of Lot…” Luke 17:28

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Regular Australian woman marries satanic French bridge from 14th century


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