From Humiliation to Hope and Healing

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From Humiliation to Hope and Healing

From Humiliation to Hope and HealingAn Amazing Fact: Presumed dead by many after missing for nearly a decade, three women— Amanda Berry, 26; Gina DeJesus, 23; and Michele Knight, 32—stunned the world when, on May 6, they escaped from the Ohio home where they had been held in captivity and shamefully abused. Finally, free from their terrible physical bondage, now these women must learn to heal from a decade lost to horrific cruelty and humiliation.

Abducted GirlsEach year in the United States, more than 200,000 people are victimized by sexual abuse. And day after day, the headlines remind us that children and teenagers are often the targets.

So how does someone recover from such unspeakable mistreatment? Sadly, some don’t.

You might have heard about the tragic case of Audrie Pott, the 15-year-old girl in Santa Clara, California, who committed suicide after a humiliating photo of her being assaulted at a party was circulated to friends. In the depths of her despair, Audrie wrote, “I have a reputation I can never get rid of.”

It made me so sad to read this story. I wished I could have talked to Audrie before she made this tragic decision and offered her some hope.

Hope for Restoration

But I am thankful that not all these stories have such sad endings. We received an amazing letter from a young woman, whom I’ll call “Kayla.” She was raised in a Christian home but was assaulted by a trusted family friend. Unable to cope with the fallout, her family eventually fell apart … and Kayla’s life spiraled downward.

“After the dust had settled, my life consisted of getting high and dancing naked for money,” she writes. “Yet no matter how much money I made or how much illicit drugs I smoked, I was never satisfied.”

But one day after getting off work at 4:00am, she flipped on her television set and, by God’s grace, found an Amazing Facts broadcast. Her weary heart was lifted up by the teachings she heard. Years of heartache, humiliation, and pain began to melt away …

Woman Watching TV“I started tuning in every week and eventually found your website. The seed of truth set root in my heart, and I felt convicted. I ordered your book Broken Chains, which I read as I was “working” at the club. That book really made me see how much I needed Jesus. I had been blind to my situation, but God made it obvious to me that I wasn’t free. I was in chains and needed Him to release me.”

Her whole life turned around! Kayla gave up her sensual dancing, her drug use, and her worldly living. And last July she was baptized and joined her local church! What’s more, the person who had abused her years earlier called to ask forgiveness. Because of Jesus in her life, she was able to forgive him! Now Kayla has peace in her heart and purpose in her life.

Friend, through the gospel, it is possible to get a new start even after a tragic and humiliating experience. We have all been abused by the devil, but Jesus makes it possible for us to be born again as new creatures! “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Please check out

We Bring Them Hope Together

And Kayla credits this ministry—your ministry—with guiding her back to Jesus. She says, “Praise the Lord for your podcasts and television shows. Our Savior uses them to bring His people into the light—and I am so grateful.”

This is why I ask you to please help me bring hope and healing to even more people like Kayla. God used you to help change Kayla’s life through Amazing Facts TV. I ask you to invest once more in keeping our media programming strong this year. This ministry is watched by more than 1.9 million viewers each month. I continue to be amazed at how God’s Spirit prompts people to “flip on the TV” and find Amazing Facts!

In the first four months of 2013, Amazing Facts sent out more than 30,000 pieces of free materials to searching souls. These requests come from people, like Kayla, who are looking for answers. Many have been wounded by the enemy. They are searching to know if God really loves them. Your gifts keep the Amazing Facts broadcasts bringing answers and hope to the whole planet.

Friend, Amazing Facts can reach others only because you stand with us! Millions of others, young and old, men and women, and the abused … need real hope. They need real healing. They need to know Jesus, the great healing Physician!

YOU can make all the difference in their lives today and, at the same time, store treasure in heaven. A gift of just $25 can bring these gospel messages to over 200 people—and $50 or $100 can reach twice or three times as many hurting souls. We’ll use these funds to reach many more people like Kayla.

If you do feel impressed to support God’s work in this way, please do it now. The impressions of the Spirit can evaporate if we don’t follow them promptly. Your support this month will lead people to find true happiness in Jesus.

Thank you for helping us bring Kayla back to Jesus! Kayla’s life is a witness that shows how God is using your investment in Amazing Facts to break chains and set slaves free!

Yours in reaching the lost,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

Pastor Doug


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