Portraits of INQUISITION Popes Appear in the House Chamber, Capitol Hill, Washington

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Portraits of INQUISITION Popes Appear in the House Chamber, Capitol Hill, Washington

The House of Representatives Chamber (responsible for passing federal laws) is adorned with relief Pope Gregoryportraits of famous lawmakers and lawgivers throughout history. Two of those portraits are of Pope Gregory IX and Pope Innocent III. (see here)

Pope InnocentWe are talking about the United States of America which was built upon people escaping the cruel, suppressive, persecuting power of the Papal Church of Rome. And these two particular Popes are famous for their roles in pursuing Papal supremacy and for leading the murderous Papal inquisitions.

So why do their portraits now adorn the house at Capitol Hill which passes federal laws? Because Bible prophecy revealed that these two “kingdoms” (America and the Vatican) would become “friends”. Revelation 13 reveals that the earth beast (America) would end up causing the world to “worship” the sea beast (Papacy) and to take it’s mark. So of course these two Popes hugely influence the lawmakers in America now. The “spirit” of the persecuting Roman Papal Church lives in the USA!!

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