Now Serbia Submits to Germany · May 05, 2013

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One European nation after another is being brought into the Germany orbit. Now it’s Serbia’s turn. On April 16, 2013 German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle demanded that Serbia settle a long-standing dispute with the breakaway province of Kosovo. “An agreement on starting negotiations on Serbia joining the EU,” he said, “which it would like to see this summer, will be significantly delayed if it does not reach a deal with Kosovo.”

Serbia wants to join the European Union, but in order to do so it must have support from Germany. But Germany will not give that support unless Serbia yields to its requirement that Kosovo be independent of Serbia. Therefore, Serbia will have to yield control of Kosovo.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008 and has since gained the recognition of 90 nations and most of the European Union member states.

Serbia wants EU money to help it get ready for membership. It is already getting some, but future financial support is contingent on progress toward the criteria necessary for membership, one of which is a resolution of its dispute with Kosovo. The German ultimatum put a lot of pressure on Belgrade.

Three days after the German demand, Serbia signed an agreement with Kosovo effectively recognizing their independence. Serb regions in northern Kosovo will have a high degree of autonomy under the agreement, but will be under Kosovar control.

Serbia is predominantly orthodox, and therefore, Germany must bring it under control of the Roman Catholic policies of the European Union. And like most small nations of Europe, Germany through the European Union, will dominate Serbia’s politics and economy once it joins the EU.

Bringing Serbia to heel is not easy as the Serbian character is fiercely independent. But the European Union is not about independence. It is about control and the removal of national sovereignty. The significance of bowing to Germany’s demands is that Serbia will eventually be controlled by Germany through the EU.

The restoration of the Holy Roman Empire is being greatly facilitated by Germany, which dictates European policy. Serbia’s submission to Germany adds one more piece to the puzzle of what is happening in Europe as it prepares to place the Vatican back in control of the region.

“And all the world wondered after the beast…” Revelation 13:3

Germany says Serbia must strike deal with Kosovo

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