Unity across Religions

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Unity across Religions
Author: Professor Walter J. Veith, PhD
Publish date: Aug 12, 2009
Summary: Islam, Judaism, and other world religions are participating in the ecumenical movement, with the Pope as the global leader.


This article is part of a series. We recommend that you first read: Unity at All Cost?Unity among Christians.

According to the Vatican, 

all religions need to recognize the Pope as the spiritual leader of the world.

R. Jeffrey Smith of the Washington Post said this in 2000:

A new Vatican dictum issued today declares that individuals can attain full salvation from earthly sin only through the spiritual grace of the Catholic Church and that other faiths—including Protestant Christian ones—have defects that place their followers in a “gravely deficient situation” in seeking salvation. 

The goal, according to a top Vatican official, is to combat the “so-called theology of religious pluralism,” which suggests that Catholics are on a par in God’s eyes with, say, Jews, Muslims or Hindus.i

Papal Efforts

Rome is seeking to unite world religions, with the Papacy as the leader. Pope John Paul II made great strides during his time as Pontiff towards drawing the world religions towards unity. In 1991 Malachi Martin wrote this about John Paul II:

John Paul II as the claimant Vicar of Christ does claim to be the ultimate court of judgment on the society of states as a society.ii

Learn about John Paul’s efforts:

The Pope and the Dalai Lama.
Pope John Paul II was especially instrumental in building ties between Roman Catholicism and other world religions.
Shalom Pope
Pope John Paul II visited a synagogue in his efforts to unite world religions.
Islamic Connection. 

Vatican flag and Mosque.
The Papacy has worked to minimize the differences between Islam and Catholicism. What is the purpose of this inter-religious ecumenism?

Blurring the Lines

Survival Talks2

In order for the religions of the world to accept Catholicism, the Catholic Church must make it seem that they are making compromises for the sake of unity. Catholic leaders are embracing the concept that all religions lead to salvation. Priests openly embrace Zen Buddhist ideas, and Mother Teresa (1910-1997) was a chief proponent of New Age ideology and ecumenism.

In 1988, a global survival communion conference was held in Oxford, England. A meeting of both religious and political leaders, the conference had this as its theme:

We must merge the ethical and the practical, the politician and the priest, the sacred and the secular.iii

Present at this meeting were Mother Teresa, Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, Catholic Cardinal Franz Konig, the Dalai Lama, and Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Jain, and Hopi representatives. Mother Teresa said this to her biographer Desmond Doig:

Oh, I hope I am converting. I don’t mean what you think. I hope we are converting hearts. Not even almighty God can convert a person’s heart unless that person wants it. What we are all trying to do by our work, by serving the people, is to come closer to God. If in coming face to face with God we accept Him in our lives, then we are converting. 

We become a better Hindu, a better Muslim, a better Catholic, a better whatever we are, and then by being better we come closer and closer to Him. If we accept Him fully in our lives, then that is conversion. What approach would I use? For me, naturally, it would be a Catholic one, for you it may be Hindu, for someone else, Buddhist, according to one’s conscience. What God is in your mind you must accept.iv

Teachings like this negate the true Gospel of Christ. Rather than Jesus Christ, a false universal Christ is being worshiped—a pluralistic Christ who satisfies all religions. Learn what American preacher Robert Schuller andJesuit scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin have to say about unity across religions and the universal Christ.

Much of modern Christianity has become a form of occultism, incapable of distinguishing Biblical doctrines from demonic ones. Ahead to End-Time Unity

i. R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post Foreign Service (September 6, 2000): A13.

ii. Malachi Martin, The Keys of This Blood (Simon and Schuster, 1991): 375.

iii. “World leaders, clergy to hold ‘survival talks,'” Toledo Blade (April 2, 1988): 10.

iv. Desmond Doig, Mother Teresa: Her People and Her Work (London: Collins, 1976): 156.

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