Science Abuse?

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Science Abuse?

Science Abuse?

Lawrence Krauss, a Canadian-American theoretical physicist and cosmologist, recently stated his belief that teaching children creationism can be equated as a form of child abuse because it supposedly puts them at a disadvantage in the world. Intelligent Design as a theory of origins, he states, is simply false and it is unethical for society to permit parents or other religious teachers to present erroneous ideas to students, such as the supposed fallacious theory that God created the heavens and the earth.

Specifically, Krauss says:

“If you’re introducing it (creationism or Intelligent Design) as reality, if you’re telling your kids the world is 6,000 years old, and they shouldn’t believe scientists because there is no way humans are related to other animals, and don’t believe any of that stuff you learned in school, or take your kids of out of school because they are learning something, then it is like the Taliban at some level, which is an extreme form of child abuse” (my emphasis). [1]

His pitch is simple. While educated people understand science and the fact that our universe formed over billions of years after a big bang of stellar dust shot particles in every direction, eventually evolving into our planet as we see it today, uneducated people are confused about true science and are on a mission to distort the facts, believing in the superstitious myth that a creator somehow “magically” spoke our world into existence. If we teach our kids what Krauss believes are false ideas, such as the earth is less than 7,000 years old, we will actually retard scientific progress.

Abuse is a pretty strong term. It suggests a range of implications from misuse and mistreatment to slander and molestation. It’s perhaps ironic that the very injustice Dr. Krauss so strongly warns against he himself is implementing by how he speaks of people who believe in creationism. The notion that it is not “scientific” to believe in creation is based on a philosophy that true science is naturalistic and must be devoid of a supernatural component. But that is merely someone’s narrow definition of science. Many of the greatest scientists today and in history believed in a Divine Being, and they viewed science as studying the works of God. Their works certainly did not stifle the progress of science, but that is what Krauss would have you believe.

The world we live in is brimming with evidence for an Intelligent Designer. From the complexity of the eye to the stunning beauty of an orchid, educated men and women around the globe see a Creator revealed in everything from stellar galaxies to microscopic cells. A true scientist studies a variety of theories and is open to different viewpoints. An educated person listens and reflects on observations and makes conclusions after gathering evidence. It’s simple really—so why does Krauss engage in fear-mongering?

History reveals the efforts of dictators to control science and education within the narrow confines of their own theories; it’s always been disastrous. In fact, we could call it downright abusive.

A missing piece in the minds of many skeptical humanists is the problem of evil. Only the Bible tells us there is a sin problem and when we assume that we are evolving toward a more perfect society, we are sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring perhaps the greatest evidence for the supernatural battle taking place in our world—a war between good and evil. If fact, Dr. Krauss readily admits there is evil in the world—even though his worldview doesn’t actually permit it.

Take an honest look at what the Bible says about origins. Do your own research. Let nature speak for itself. Let’s not abuse science.

The book “Understanding Creationism” is a superb resource
for understanding the creationist perspective in a scientific
community that increasingly rejects God.
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