Floods in UK: More than 800 homes flooded as storms hit ·

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Floods in UK: More than 800 homes flooded as storms hit · December 04, 2012

“More than 800 homes have been flooded after storms hit parts of England and Wales, the Environment Agency has said.” So far, two have died during this weather, although one death is not attributed to the weather itself.

Around 260 flood warnings are in place through England, meaning that people should prepare for expected flooding. The Environment Agency itself has issued around 280 flood alerts.

Four people were rescued from their homes in Malmesbury. The mayor there has called this the “worst flooding there in 70 years.”

Sixty people were evacuated in Plymouth, Devon and others were evacuated in Gloucestershire after a large landslide there.

“Chris Fawkes from the BBC Weather Centre said there had been about 60 mm of rain in the last 24 hours in south-west England. He said: ‘A weather front will slowly move across north England and north Wales Sunday night and Monday, and it’s here that we are likely to see some further serious flooding.’ ”

Fifty to 70 mm of rain is expected to fall by the end of Monday, with 90 mm expected to fall over hills in Wales.

Stephen Gilbert, liberal Democrat MP, said these events of flooding “should be a wake-up call for a government that needs to grip this issue and do so quickly”.
Relying on the government, however, is not the answer. The Bible prophecies that these things will happen in greater frequency and greater severity as time comes to a close for earth. Relying on Jesus is the only answer.

“And there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Matthew 24:7

The Spirit of God is withdrawing from the earth, and calamity follows calamity by sea and by land. There are tempests, earthquakes, fires, floods, murders of every grade. Who can read the future? Where is security? There is assurance in nothing that is human or earthly. Desire of Ages p. 636

The Ultimate Deliverance
1,034 Reads
 Lesson #8
It’s no fairytale – one day, you can be free from all the hurt, hunger, aloneness, crime, and chaos infecting the world today. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? But it’s not going to be some charismatic earthly leader who’s going to deliver you… no, He’s much more superior than that! Jesus is coming soon, but there is a lot of popular misconceptions regarding just how He’s coming. So take a few mi…

Floods in UK: More than 800 homes flooded as storms hit


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