7th day Trailer

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Uploaded by 11thhourministry on Mar 14, 2009

Product Description
“The Seventh Day: Revelations From The Lost Pages of History,” is a five-part television documentary series tracing the remarkable story of those who honored the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath throughout history. Produced for commercial television, it features beautiful location footage, classic art, illustrative re-enactments, interviews with experts, and solid biblical and historical documentation. The individual episodes in this 5-DVD set, each hosted by Hal Holbrook, are: (1) Part One – From Creation through Old Testament Times (52 min.); (2) Part Two – From the Time of Jesus Till the 4th Century (47 min.); (3) Part Three – From the Time of St. Patrick to the 11th Century (50 min.); (4) Part Four – From Early 14th Century to Late 17th Century (60 min.); (5) Part Five – From the 17 Century into the Eternal Future (83 min.).

you buy the whole set: follow these links http://www.lightzone.tv/order.html or http://www.lltproductions.com/seventh_day.shtml


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