Earthquakes Unanticipated · October 04, 2012

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Earthquakes Unanticipated · October 04, 2012

The series of earthquakes deep under the surface of the sea on April 11 off the coast of Sumatra may have been the most powerful quake ever (at least since the flood). Scientists say it was a rare event in which a vast tectonic plate ruptures and starts splitting in pieces.

First was a magnitude 8.7 quake that tore a complex network of faults deep in the ocean floor and triggered a cluster of 16 unusually large aftershocks thousands of miles away including four off North America’s west coast. The widely disparate aftershocks went on for a week after the first tremor.

“‘It was jaw-dropping,’ said Thorne Lay, a professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz. ‘It was like nothing we’d ever seen.’” The Sumatran quakes caught scientists completely by surprise as their location and wide-ranging impact was unanticipated.

Lay and a number of his scientific colleagues have “documented the breakup of the Indo-Australian plate into two pieces… They said the main quake lasted 2 minutes and 40 seconds, and there was another main shock of magnitude 8.2 about 2 hours later.

“Most great earthquakes occur along plate borders, where one plate dives beneath the adjoining plate and sinks deep into Earth’s mantle, a process called subduction. The April 11 quakes, however, occurred in the middle of the plate and involved a number of strike-slip faults, meaning the ground on one side of the fault moves horizontally past ground on the other side.” These quakes did not produce a massive displacement of water like subduction quakes so there was no tsunami. But this was the largest strike-slip quake ever recorded in terms of ground-movement. It sent long seismic waves around the world. The earth rang like a bell.

This is the type of quake that creates monumental forces that pushed mountains up at the time of the flood (though scientists like to say it happened many millions of years ago). Part of this particular plate, which includes Australia and India, got stuck and is pushing up against the Himalayas while another part is pushing northward unimpeded. The plate is being wrenched. The fissures represent where the pressure is breaking the plate in two. Eventually the smaller ruptures will coalesce into a single fissure.

Major quakes can trigger aftershocks a long way away, but they are usually tiny, well under 5.5 in magnitude. “The April earthquakes triggered 11 aftershocks that measured 5.5 or greater in the six days that followed, including one at magnitude 7. Some were “felt 6,000 to 12,000 miles from the main quakes.” These quakes transmitted seismic wave radiation around the world. Though the first quake was ranked number 10 since 1900 (which is significant in itself), no other quake “has triggered so many strong aftershocks so far away,” said Fred Pollitz, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

“It’s the most powerful earthquake ever in terms of capability of putting stress on other fault zones around the world,” he said. It also caused more ground shaking than the 9.2 quake in 2004 that caused a tsunami that killed over 230,000 people around the Indian Ocean.

The earthquakes we see today remind us of the destruction of the earth by the flood. Jesus said the last days would have earthquakes in diverse places, and quakes that are unexpected. See Matthew 24:7.


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Sumatran quakes in April were part of tectonic plate breakup



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