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Events so clear that even a blind man can see the “Sunday Law is coming”!

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It is a  fact that the sunday law is so near and so clear that even a blind man can see it! Fox news just recently ran an article entitled :

“Let’s make Sunday a day of rest, for God’s sake”

 The article spoke of the need of bringing sunday as a day of rest and that all major religions and peoples would benefit from having sunday as a day of rest.” If this seems to unbelievable to be true then you can read the whole article for yourself. Click here to read the whole article!

This agitation on sunday law will continue to be more and more (These major sunday articles are multiplying weekly-to read one from cnn click here)…notice what inspiration says concerning this:

“ Heretofore those who presented the truths of the third angel’s message have often been regarded as mere alarmists. Their predictions that religious intolerance would gain control in the United States, that church and state would unite to persecute those who keep the commandments of God, have been pronounced groundless and absurd. It has been confidently declared that this land could never become other than what it has been–the defender of religious freedom. But as the question of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated, the event so long doubted and disbelieved is seen to be approaching, and the third message will produce an effect which it could not have had before.  {GC 605.3} 

My friends if ever there was a time to get ready the time is now. If ever there was a time to be in fellowship with Jesus the time is now! Make no delay, give Jesus your heart today.

If you are interested in joining us at our annual end-time retreat / camp meeting, where we will show how near we are to the great and final crisis but how to enter into a relationship with Jesus that you will be both spiritually and physically prepared for these last days click here to find out how you can join us and have an upper room experience in preparation for the latter rain!

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Read National Sunday Law Here!
by A. Jan Marcussen
(We are not affiliated with Dr. Marcussen)


           Chapter 1.   The Two Horned Beast

                Chapter 2.  The Beast Identified

                Chapter 3.  The Beast Described

                Chapter 4.  Dynamite

                Chapter 5.  The Mark of the Beast

                Chapter 6.  The Image of the Beast

                                                      Chapter 7.  Global Conflict

                                                      Chapter 8.  Appendices




Government John Yoo: Obama Worse on Civil Liberties than Bush

Posted on April 23, 2012 at 9:20pm by Mytheos Holt

Remember how President Obama was going to close Guantanamo Bay? How he was going to run one of the most transparent administrations in history? How he was opposed to the Patriot Act? How he believed civilian trials were important?

Maybe you remember, but as both progressives and conservatives have been long since forced to accept, that Obama is so 2008. A taste of power can make a lot of difference. So it must be worrisome to progressives especially when one of their former great monsters of the Bush administration, John Yoo, starts saying President Obama might be going a bit too far in knocking down civil liberties. Yoo talked to the Daily Caller on this specific issue today:


The relevant part of the video is where Yoo says, “You don’t see the same critics who so thrashed President Bush, for allegedly thinking he was a king, making the same arguments and engaging in the same criticism of President Obama. I think a reasonable person can only conclude that is because President Obama happens to be a Democrat, where as President Bush was a Republican.”

I may have to disagree that Obama is worse on Civil Liberties than Bush. Because Bush had his hands in it and his father as well  while they were in office years ago. But this goes to show you that our civil liberties are being taken alway from us. The Bible says in Rev 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

Horns represent kings and kingdoms, or governments (Daniel 7:24; 8:21). In this case, they represent America’s two governing principles: civil and religious liberty. These two governing principles have also been labeled “republicanism” (a government without a king) and “Protestantism” (a church without a pope).

The dragon is Satan, who works through various governments of the earth to establish his evil kingdom and crush God’s church by persecuting and destroying His people. Satan’s aim always has been to usurp God’s power and throne and to force people to worship and obey him. So “speaking as a dragon” means that the United States (under the influence of Satan) will, in the end time, force people to worship contrary to conscience or be punished.

Please check out these videos from the Forerunner  and take the time to read the study guide GET READY the storm is coming. Pray that your heart is resting in Jesus everyday.

The USA in Bible Prophecy.  

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Can it really be true? America in Bible prophecy – absolutely! When you think about it, it makes sense that the most powerful and influential nation on earth will play a vital role in the final stunning events of the world’s closing history. But even more surprises await you as the Bible reveals how the leading nation of the world came to exist and why! Please read Revelation 13:11-18 before beg…

New Bible Translation Replaces ‘Christ,‘ ’Angel’ & ‘Apostle’



There’s a new Bible translation in town. ”The Voice,” an apparently easier-to-digest format that is aimed at reaching those individuals who may own a Bible, but who rarely or never read it, is taking some interesting avenues to help ensure that people better comprehend the Good Book.

Here’s the controversial part: The words “angel,“ ”apostle” and — “Christ” have been removed from the translation. It‘s not that these themes aren’t present in the newfound Biblical interpretation. Instead, the translators have chosen alternatives. For instance, Jesus Christ is now “Jesus the Anointed One.” The meaning is still there, but the traditional semantics have been altered.


Professor David Capes says the Bible “is probably the most owned and least read book out there. That’s because, for many, it’s too difficult to understand.”

The “own it but haven’t read it” demographic is his target market, says Capes, who teaches the New Testament at Houston Baptist University and was part of a team that compiled “The Voice,” a new translation of the King James Bible. Capes told CNN that the motivation behind the translation, seven years in the making, was to emphasize the meaning behind the words.

“‘The Voice’ considers the narrative links that help us to understand the drama and passion of story that is present in the original languages,” according to the website for the book. “The tone of the writing, the format of the page, and the directness of the dialog allows the tradition of passing down the biblical narrative to come through in ‘The Voice.’”

Rather than re-writing the Bible, those scholars and individuals behind the seven-year project apparently wanted to help readers, as The Christian Post reports, “hear God speaking.”

Despite these intentions and a major publisher — Thomas Nelson — backing the project, some critics have been railing against the translation. The Post has more about those who see the project as a disaster of Biblical proportions (pun intended):

On the website “Life More Abundant,“ poster ”Coralie” commented that the format of The Voice, which includes commentary in the body of the text, was a concern.

“The … effect of the inclusion of midstream commentary is the blurring of the line between inspired word and human opinion,” wrote Coralie.

“My fear in our postmodern world is not that a new reader would take the commentary as the very word of God, but that he would read the words of God with the casual ease of another form of commentary.”

The blog “Extreme Theology,” an apologetics website, declared that The Voice was a “distorted version of the Bible.”


“In vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Matthew 15:9.

Misguided men introduced other forms of interpretations in direct contradiction of God’s Word. Jesus says, “Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?” “Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.” Matthew 15:3, 6. Worship that follows human teaching is “vain.” Just think of it! No wonder the Bible exhorts us to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” Jude 3 Also read 1Corinthians 11:3.


Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?  

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In these morally challenged times – when billions are embezzled through corporate fraud; when trusted, spiritual leaders prove false; when lying in politics seems to be the norm; when those you depend on the most often hurt you the deepest – is there anything left you can trust? Yes! You can fully trust the Bible! Why? Just take a look at the evidence……


Christian Leade…

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Christian Leaders Welcome Weekly Rest Day for Maids in Singapore (April 2012)

“Pastors and Christian leaders in Singapore have expressed their support for a new requirement by the Ministry of Manpower of a weekly rest day … The idea of a day of rest finds strong support from the Christian teaching of Sabbath, said the theologian. God rested on Sabbath and he commands us to observe Sabbath … Sabbath is still Sabbath, he expressed. And our human body is such that we all need rest for physical refreshment and spiritual renewal.”

Of course, we know that the “sabbath day” they are pointing to is Sunday!


In churches and in large gatherings in the open air, ministers will urge upon the people the necessity of keeping the first day of the week. There are calamities on sea and land: and these calamities will increase, one disaster following close upon another; and the little band of conscientious Sabbathkeepers will be pointed out as the ones who are bringing the wrath of God upon the world by their disregard of Sunday.”  (E.G.White, Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, March 18, 1884

 Please check out do it for yourself “whether you like it or not the truth is the truth” (Forerunner 777)

The Lost Day of History  

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Did you know there is a very important day that almost everyone has forgotten about? It’s astounding that only a few people are aware of it, because it’s one of the most significant days in all of human history! It’s not only a day in the past, but the present and future. Furthermore, what happened on this neglected day can have a profound effect on your life. Want to know more amazing facts ab…



Lotterie$ Pick Your Pocket · April 19, 2012

Three lottery ticket-holders, one each in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland will share the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history of $656 million, after about 1.5 billion $1 tickets were sold on Friday before the drawing as millions of players tried their luck, pushing the jackpot to its historic high.

In addition to the three jackpot winners, there were 161 tickets that matched part of the winning numbers to win between $250,000 and $1 million.
The previous largest Mega Millions jackpot was $390 million in 2007, which was split between two ticket holders in Georgia and New Jersey.

No matter who wins the jackpot, one certain winner is the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The tax-collecting agency subjects lottery winnings of more than $5,000 to a 25-percent federal withholding tax.

In spite of the fact that the odds of winning such an amount are miniscule, an astonishing number of people – millions of them – were tempted to try to win the jackpot anyway. Some think that more Americans play the lottery than attend church.

A Consumer Federation of America and the Financial Planning Association survey revealed that one in five Americans believe that “playing the lottery is the most practical way to amass wealth.” While that is shocking, it reveals that a large number of people believe that there is no other way to get ahead. Even more shocking is the revelation that 40 percent of people making under $25,000 a year think the lottery is the best way to plan for financial security. Instead of working hard and saving they are throwing their money to the wind on the infinitesimal hope that they will win big. What this is saying is that the lottery is picking the pockets of those who can least afford it.

Only fools would think that way, yet many believe that the lottery is worth the money. And states and the gambling business are happy to oblige. More and more states add lotteries and new casinos keep popping up. When states are strapped financially, they use the lottery to boost revenue. And it isn’t just ticket sales, but tax revenues from winnings. The whole system of lotteries is a tax – a voluntary tax on citizens who would vehemently protest a legislated tax.

More than that it is morally wrong because it encourages the mentality of getting something for nothing (or very little), while the government preys on the very citizens whose interests, including financial, it is supposed to protect. Lotteries make poverty more profound.

“How was it in Noah’s day? God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5. …And today the world is following the same way… Their betting, their horse racing, their gambling, their dissipation, their lustful practices, their untamable passions, are fast filling the world with violence.” Desire of Ages, page 633

A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent. Proverbs 28:20.

Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.  Proverbs 19:2                                                       

Who are the lucky 3 to share record $656 million U.S. lottery?

In God we Trust?

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Do you trust God… really? The truth is, a lot of people might say yes, but they don’t act like it. And worse, because they don’t trust Him, they might actually steal from Him! “Come on!” you say, “No one would steal or embezzle money from God.” But God’s shocking message to His people is, “Ye have robbed me” (Malachi 3:8). Real records prove that billions of people steal from God, and as ama…

Prophetic Intelligence Briefings

Germany Wonders After · April 18, 2012

The papal state visit to Germany highlighted the papal relationship with Germany. Benedict XVI spoke to the Bundestag, the German Parliament, had private meetings with Christian Wulff, President of Germany, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, and made stops in Erfurt and Freiburg, and he held a mass in Berlin for 70,000 people.

Because of priestly scandals the pope was criticized prior to and during his visit. Some members of parliament refused to attend his speech in the Bundestag, while protestors marched in the streets outside. His speech was well received.
The Pope said “Europe’s culture [especially religion] is the result of the meeting between ‘Israeli belief in God, the philosophical logic of Greece and the legal thought of Rome. This tripartite encounter forms Europe’s inner identity.’”

Though it was Benedict XVI’s third visit to Germany as pope, it was his first state visit. “He was greeted with military honors and a 21-gun salute. Several members of Merkel’s cabinet were also on hand as were representatives of the Catholic Church.”

The Pope’s main message was that “religion is one of the foundations for successful cooperation” in society.

“When the pope arrived at Bellevue Palace, Wulff greeted him with the words: ‘welcome home Holy Father.’ Wulff said that Germany is a country in which “history and culture are closely related to the Christian faith and the struggle with that faith.”

“The pope also held a private meeting with Merkel, during which the two spoke about the financial crisis and Germany’s place in the European Union,” Merkel told reporters.

“And all the world wondered after the beast…” Revelation 13:3.

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.  These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. Rev 17:12,13

Financial Crisis, Religion and a Bit of Protest

The Mark of the Beast.

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(Read Count: 34339   |  Listen Count: 1861   |  Watch Count: 4033)

A tattooed number, a computer chip under the skin, or something more subtle? It’s one of the most misinterpreted prophecies in all of the Bible – yet it is so important to correctly understand this subject. But in studying the mark of the beast, we must address some very sensitive issues, naming names and being specific. This is not a popular thing today, but we must be firm because God loves H…

Prophetic Intelligence Briefings

San Juan Capistrano Restricts Bible Study · April 16, 2012

By Denford Ntini

Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, from San Juan Capistrano USA, must have gotten the fright of their lives when they were slapped with a $300 fine for holding Bible studies for their friends at their home, and they face an additional fine of $500 for each subsequent study held, according to World Net Daily News.

Apparently, someone complained to the authorities and code enforcement officer gave them a verbal warning then issued citations in May and June.

In the case of the City of San Juan versus the Fromm’s, city officials say city code section 9-3.301 “prohibits religious organizations in residential neighbourhoods without a conditional-use permit”, a sometimes very expensive procedure.

The code cites “churches, temples, synagogues, monasteries, religious retreats, and other places of religious worship and other fraternal and community service organizations.”

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Such a code, however, even prohibits the simple exercise of gathering in one’s home to pray, thus being potentially detrimental to the moral fabric of families and subsequently society.

“Imposing a heavy-handed permit requirement on a home Bible study is outrageous,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute which is working on the case on behalf of the Fromms.

“In a city so rich with religious history and tradition, this is particularly egregious,” Dacus said. “An informal gathering in a home cannot be treated with suspicion by the government,” he continued.

The city is demanding that the study is banned because it is a “church,” unless it purchases a “Conditional Use Permit” from the city. A trial is scheduled.

The city of San Juan Capistrano was founded as a Christian mission in the 1700s and is home to California’s oldest building still in use, a chapel.

Such cases are becoming more frequent. Little do the authorities realise that they are violating the constitutional rights of their citizens by stifling the free exercise of their religion.

When religions prohibitions are enacted, it is laying the foundation for the fulfilment of Revelation 13:11, “…and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.”

City demands Christians get permit for Bible study

The USA in Bible Prophecy.  

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Can it really be true? America in Bible prophecy – absolutely! When you think about it, it makes sense that the most powerful and influential nation on earth will play a vital role in the final stunning events of the world’s closing history. But even more surprises await you as the Bible reveals how the leading nation of the world came to exist and why! Please read Revelation 13:11-18 before beg…