Eric Holder Says U.S. Constitution does not Protect Citizens · March 15, 2012

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Eric Holder Says U.S. Constitution does not Protect Citizens · March 15, 2012

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder said in a recent speech that the U.S. “Constitution does not protect U.S. suspects plotting to kill other Americans.” Speaking at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, he said that the government is “within its rights to kill citizens who are senior leaders in al-Qaeda or affiliate groups who pose an ‘imminent threat’ of attack against the USA and whose capture is ‘not feasible…’ In that case, our government has the clear authority to defend the United States with lethal force.”

Criticism has been leveled at President Obama for summarily killing Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Islamic Imam and a U.S. citizen, who was allegedly planning terrorist plots against the United States. The CIA in a join operation with the US military killed him in Yemen with a missile sent from a drone.

The U.S. government now claims the authority to assassinate its own citizens if it deems them to be a danger to the security of the United States. “United States citizenship alone does not make such individuals immune from being targeted,” Holder said.

The U.S. government even maintains a “kill list” of citizens it views as dangerous. The real danger is that the vague definition of a terrorist, which will likely expand over time to include others viewed or painted as enemies of the state. Eventually, this could be used against those who were not intended in the original definition, such as religious “dissidents” who oppose religious laws that remove freedom of worship, as predicted in Revelation 13.

The U.S. Justice Department has been resisting recent lawsuits demanding the Department release information justifying the extra-judicial killings and how the “kill list” is compiled.

Killing or detaining U.S. citizens indefinitely without presenting evidence against them before an independent court is new legal territory and is very disastrous to liberty, particularly the Bill of Rights and ultimately religious liberty. If Revelation 13:8 is going to be fulfilled and every human being on the planet will worship the beast, there must necessarily be a legal mechanism that can be used to justify such laws as well as the death penalty described in Revelation 13:15.

“Holder said opponents of the government’s position cling to legal interpretations that are ‘simply not accurate.’” Holder, the nations top law enforcement official, is charged with defending the U.S. Constitution, not aiding its destruction. It is remarkable that the Attorney General declared that it is constitutional for the government to kill citizens without any judicial review under certain circumstances, considering that he was actually against the indefinite detention provisions for U.S. citizens authorized the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

Under what circumstances might such an extra-judicial killing be justified? For now Mr. Holder defined such cases narrowly, i.e. involving “operational leaders” of organizations bent on destruction of the United States and when capture isn’t feasible. But that is just for starters. Governments by nature expand their powers over time. They also do the very things they say they won’t do.

Who else could eventually be considered an operational leader or an enemy of the state? Awlaki was a religious leader, an imam. Could there come a day when religious leaders of other religions or denominations, or anyone involved with them could be considered an enemy of the state? The Bible confirms this.

“The Constitution’s guarantee of due process is ironclad,” said Holder. “and it is essential, but… it does not require judicial approval before the president may use force abroad against a senior operational leader of a foreign terrorist organization with which the United States is at war, even if that individual happens to be a U.S. citizen.”

This is double-talk. If the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of due process is ironclad, why then is the U.S. Attorney General defending the idea of not affording due process to all of its citizens no matter how evil they may be? Legal structures are in place to deal with malevolent offenders including terrorists or potential terrorists. Holder is arguing for dictatorial powers for the president.

Mr. Holder also created a legal definition without a difference when he said, “‘Due process’ and ‘judicial process’ are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security. The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process.”

In other words, the U.S. Justice Department has its own set of definitions when it comes to national security that can be used in contravention of the Constitution. Incidentally, the term “due process” has always been understood to involve the judicial process throughout American history. Mr. Holder’s statement represents a legal maneuver designed to deceive the American public into thinking that you can separate the two.

“Significantly, Mr. Holder did not say that such a situation is the only kind in which it would be lawful to kill a citizen. Rather, he said it would be lawful ‘at least’ under those conditions.” So there is an implied understanding that the legal justification for killing terrorist operatives, who can’t be captured, could be expanded in the future to net other types of operatives.

This kind of policy would make the Vatican very pleased. As the United States gets closer to medieval Vatican policy by resurrecting the methods and legal structures it used in middle ages to control the populace, the United States is gradually repudiating every principle of its constitution. Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5, p. 451

When under the pressure of multiple major crises; when religious and civil leaders collaborate to establish religious worship laws, the words of Jesus words concerning His faithful commandment keepers will come to pass, “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” Matthew 24:9

“As the Sabbath has become the special point of controversy throughout Christendom, and religious and secular authorities have combined to enforce the observance of the Sunday, the persistent refusal of a small minority to yield to the popular demand will make them objects of universal execration… a decree will finally be issued against those who hallow the Sabbath of the fourth commandment, denouncing them as deserving of the severest punishment and giving the people liberty, after a certain time, to put them to death. Romanism in the Old World and apostate Protestantism in the New will pursue a similar course toward those who honor all the divine precepts.” Great Controversy, page 615 and 616

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